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Our Plan

Find out about our experience, our vision, and our plan for Feds!

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Meet the Team

Meet Team Ignite! Candidates for Feds Exec 2019/20 from Engineering, AHS, and Science!

We’d like to be your voice to the University of Waterloo and every level of Government, advocating for issues that are important to you.


Over the past two years we have worked hard as your Councillors, Directors, and Society Execs to lobby to better support mental health, improve accessibility and support on co-op & satellite campuses, expand student and leisure space, implement a legal protection service, and revamp your Feds-administered & ancillary fees. We also pushed to make Mr. Goose our UW Mascot! Click here to learn more about what we have done for you so far.

We look forward to continuing to serve and advocate for you over the next year as your Executive!

Support Team Ignite for your 2019-2020 Feds Execs!


Tomson, Michael, and Seneca