We have only achieved change by listening to student needs and working closely with other campus partners...


Michael, Seneca, and Tomson are among the most dedicated student leaders there could be. In my work with all of them they have never ceased to put a seemingly infinite number of hours towards improving the operations of both Feds and their respective faculty societies. They bring with them years of experience across campus and are committed to transparency, accountability, careful decision-making, and fiscal responsibility (among many other priorities). There is no better leadership for Feds than Team Ignite.
— Jason Small, Engineering Councillor & Deputy Speaker of Students' Council, EngSoc Director
I support Team Ignite because they acknowledge (and hope improve!) issues like wait times and lack of multi-lingual counsellors. Ignite also plans to lobby for QPR training... for faculty and staff and increased mental health services in the KW region.
— Megan Towne, former Engineering Mental Health Commissioner and Director, current Feds Council Candidate
I’m Voting Team Ignite for Feds Executive! With Team Ignite’s high energy and passion for improving the student experience, it was a no brainer to vote for this team.
All members of Team Ignite have demonstrated their commitment to the University of Waterloo throughout their undergrad by being involved in multiple clubs and committees across campus and acting as a student’s voice. They have worked to create a difference throughout their undergrad in Various ways... there is not a better, more qualified group of people to hold the position of FEDS Executive Members and advocate for students at the University of Waterloo.
— Alyssa McCulloch
I have never met a team more qualified to lead our student union. Team ignite is dedicated, educated and responsible. I wouldn’t vote for anyone else! It’s time we had some competent exec for Feds and these are our guys!
— Katherine Sebben, UW Arts Faculty Student
I have had the privilege of working with Seneca Jackson Velling many times through my time working for students, and he has always demonstrated an open mind and a dedication to ensure Feds was by students and for students. From his numerous contributions to Student’s Council to his work for the Science Society, Seneca shows an incredible dedication to student issues, with a focus on student engagement and transparency. As a few examples, he worked against CECA fee increases, spearheaded changes to Feds budgeting processes to better inform students, and ensured Council was always operating smoothly and within its procedures. He is active on Reddit and other social medias, and is always looking for ways to get more student input on Feds decisions. Seneca is thoughtful, confident, and driven; and I believe he will continue to work tirelessly for students as Vice President, Operations and Finance over the next year.

Tomson Tran has always shown an interest in working for the communities that he is a part of. I had the privilege of working with him as a student senator, working to represent students to the highest academic decision making body in the university. His time on the senate saw: university commitments to cap international tuition at 5%; changes to coop to include more research, non-profit, and other opportunities for non-STEM students; and he helped to pass policies to improve the experience of sexual assault and harassment survivors on campus. However, his contributions don’t stop there! We also served together on Student’s Council and Feds’ Board of Directors, where he contributed nuanced opinions that highlighted the complex needs to students, including the approval of a student service for people of colour and the inclusion of society Presidents on Council. Additionally, like many Vice Presidents, Student Life, he has extensive experience with student societies, and has been working to improve the university experience for health sciences students since he began his university career. Tomson is demonstrated to be incredibly competent, student-focussed, and responsible; I have no reservations about his ability to continue to bring the uWaterloo community together and represent students as Vice President, Student Life.

Vote Team Ignite for Feds Executive
— Tristan Potter, former UW Governor, Feds Director, MathSoc President, and MEF Director
“I’m not relevant in Waterloo these days, but if I were still around and not goofing off in some U of T grad program, I’d probably be voting Ignite... [Ignite] strikes me as notionally more ambitious, and willing to work on effecting change within the organization itself rather than obsessing over forgettable legacy pet projects.”
— Sacha Forstner, former FOC, Academic Affairs Commissioner, Senator, Councillor, and Director
Seneca, Michael and Tomson have worked tirelessly to champion student issues at both the Council as well as at the Board level. They have worked ridiculously hard to ensure that student resources are being spent wisely, and have ensured to keep the executive in check, which is very commendable.

I have had the pleasure of working with these candidates during prior terms as a FEDS Councillor, and on the various committees I have served on, as an extension of that role. I have no doubt that these are the right people to lead FEDS, especially in this period of uncertainty heralded by the Ontario government.

Vote Team Ignite!
— Rebecca George, Environment Student
With respect to the VPOF candidate, Seneca has done almost all the work involved in the recent budget reforms. He has consistently lead the Budget Committee to feel more like a team than a simple committee, and I look forward to see what more he can do as VPOF.
— John Hunte, Budget & Appropriations Committee student-at-large
Team Ignite is stacked with truly powerful and advocative candidates. After working alongside Tomson in AHSUM, I’ve been able to witness his deep dedication and vision for student life. Tomson has huge ambitions and backs them up with a tremendous work ethic. Michael and I have worked together in ResLife and he always shows the utmost respect and passion to his students and team members, alike. I’ve also been fortunate enough to be around Michael through his involvements with EngSoc. Michael continues to advocate and elevate student experience within Engineering. Although I’ve never worked with Seneca in a professional climate, I still have nothing but praise for him and his abilities to speak up for what it right. Between these three members alone, they have an enormous outreach through their colourful portfolio involvements. All members of team Ignite are thoroughly educated on students affairs and have big plans to improve it.
— Jessica Lewitzky, AHSUM VP Finance, AHS Strategic Plan Advisory Committee Member, ResLife Don
I have worked with Michael in a variety of extracurricular roles for over four years throughout university, since we started together in 1A. He is immensely dedicated and proactive in his journey to improve the student experience for students within his faculty and across the university in his current and past involvements. He employs a take-no-bullshit attitude while relentlessly driving towards improvement and change through implementing initiatives and reaching out to students. He is not one to shy away from receive and acting on feedback. I look forwards to supporting him in his campaign for the Feds presidential election.
— Pat Duong, Feds Board of Directors & Former EngSoc VP Academic
I have been following the Feds Student Council meetings for over a year now and I have seen how much effort and time all of them have put to make Feds more accountable to the students. They are always ready to listen to any suggestions you have to make Feds more accessible to the masses. I believe their past experiences in both Feds and the respective student societies would make them great Feds executives!
— Kanan Sharma, MathSoc Board of Directors
Michael, Tomson and Seneca have devoted countless hours making Feds and the University more accountable to students. They have done so much as a part of student societies and Feds governing bodies over the past few years — and have allowed me to once again believe that there are people who truly care about the well-being of students.
— Alex Lee, Former MathSoc President (F18)
Seneca and Tomson have helped me when I’ve had issues with UW and with Feds. Seneca is working to fix issues I brought up about treatment by UW Food Services. Tomson has always been there to support me when I needed it.

I think Team Ignite will do an amazing job as FEDS execs!
— Myriam Jolicoeur, Science Alum
I’ve never seen anyone work so hard for their student union while taking a full course load in their final year of undergraduate. Their experience in Feds over their undergraduate career is nearly unparalleled. I can think of no one more fit to run as FEDS executives.
— Austin Richard, Science Society Representative
Honk HOnK hoNk
— Mr. Goose

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