Michael Beauchemin (for President)

Hi everyone, my name is Michael Beauchemin and I am your Team Ignite Presidential Candidate for the 2019 FedS elections! From the very beginning of my time here at Waterloo (2014!) I have immersed myself in the culture within Engineering.

I began my journey, as one might, as a baby director for Novelties, the Engineering Society’s swag shop. I quickly expanded my interest and participated in running the EngSoc portion of Canada Day, an Excel Workshop, and Engineering Course Critiques. It wasn’t enough for me, though, and I set my sights ever higher - I saw that the Executive were able to enact real changes to help students. I signed on as the Communications Commissioner, in charge of marketing and message for the Engineering Society. From there, I stepped back and took a further interest as Mental Health Ambassador, among other things, while I ran for Vice President, Finance for the Engineering Society. I loved it. I had a great team and we worked on some really good things for Engineering Students. I pushed sustainability from the top down with my budgeting power, I worked with the faculty to improve RidgidWare, and so much more.

It was an exciting time, and as my second term of office draws to an end, 28 months later, after accomplishing many of my goals under the Finance portfolio, I find myself reflecting that I want to do more for students. This past year, sitting on the Board for Feds, I have taken on more responsibility within my Society and the University at large, such as standing in for the Undergraduate Representative on the Committee for Student Mental Health in Fall 2018. I have found that I care deeply about student issues that I hadn’t previously regarded as my passion: sustainability, inclusivity, mental health, teaching quality, community, transparency and accountability, and so much more.

It’s time Feds stepped up to protect and represent students and use some of the political capital it has earned to this end. I can help people. I have the capacity. I just need help getting the means. Being Feds’ President would allow me to help the UWaterloo community in a great way, and I honestly can’t think of a better way to give back to students as thanks for all the amazing years that I’ve had here.