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Michael Beauchemin

For President

Michael hails from the distant land of Engineering, where he got his start making trinkets for the Engineers. He now runs and operates all the student spaces owned by the Engineering Society.


Tomson Tran

For Vice President Student Life

Tomson has never stopped never stopping and now he’s set his sights on Feds exec. He has been an elected member of the Federation for generations and brings a strong voice of reason to the table at Feds Council and Board. Tomson is excited at the prospect of once again being Secretary of the Corporation.


Seneca Velling

For Vice President operations & Finance

As policy wonk with a thing for numbers, Seneca has helped demystify Feds budgeting and has pushed for more financial transparency. He currently serves as the Chair of the Board and Students’ Council Secretary for Feds and dreams of the days when he will never have to care about Robert's Rules again.