Last week Team Ignite's VPOF (Seneca) and VPSL (Tomson) candidates met with ESS to discuss sustainability and stewardship of our Environment!

ESS Pres.png

Tomson & Seneca meet with ESS Council to discuss environmental responsibility, sustainability, and stewardship! ESS provided great advice on benchmarks for sustainability.

Team Ignite would like to acknowledge the amazing support of Stephanie Ye-Mowe (former Environment Councillor, WESEF Director, and ESS Council member) for helping us prepare our platform.

Note: please ignore Seneca, he’s super sick in this picture!! Pro-tip: don’t get sick during campaigns.

Feds lobbying efforts paid off! UPASS will be here to stay

Feds & OUSA successfully lobbied for keeping transit passes! Team Ignite will continue to prioritize advocacy to make sure post-secondary education works for all students! #FedsAdvocates #OUSAdvocactes #ONpse 🇨🇦👨‍🎓

On the Issues: Team Ignite highlights plans for addressing Student Mental Health & Wellness, Int'l Student Experience, and Environmental Sustainability!

Team Ignite is the only team with a comprehensive plan for ensuring environmental sustainability on campus, addressing problems faced by international students, and improving access to and support from mental health & wellness resources at UWaterloo.

Support a Team that knows the issues and has the experience to address them!

/r/UWaterloo Discussion on Platform and PSE Changes

Check out out Platform Q&A on the /r/UWaterloo!

Head over to /r/uwaterloo to see a discussion on our platform points and other student ideas.

Team Ignite encourages Waterloo students to fill out the OUSA Survey on Tuition, OSAP, and ancillary fee opt-out

Check out our post about the OUSA Survey on recent changes to Post-Secondary Education funding in Ontario. On January 17, 2019, the Ontario government announced changes to the tuition framework including a 10% decrease in tuition, changes to OSAP, and opt-out non-tuition ancillary fees. The full details of the announcement can be found here. The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) wants to hear how these changes to the tuition framework, OSAP, and opt-out ancillary fees (which can impact things like UPass) impact you, take their survey here: OUSA Survey